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Watch the Video COVID-19 Corporate Response Strategies


  • Engineering and Construction: Positioning for Success With Digital
    By Suraj Ramaprasad & Nick Daley

    The E&C sector has been slow to embrace ‘digital’, however it is quickly rising up the board agenda. The industry is now at a tipping point, with digital transformation providing a huge opportunity for successful adopters, and a significant threat for those left behind. COVID-19 has served as a stark…

  • Responding to COVID-19: Global Shipping Industry
    By Kirill Pelekh

    COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on global trade, bringing major challenges to the shipping industry with falling demand and disruption to the supply chain globally. The WTO expects a c. 15-30% contraction worldwide in 2023, and even if demand recovers in 2021, the crisis will have significant impacts on…


Teneo’s team have counseled the leaders of many of the largest and most complex organizations in the world. Examples of our global team members include:

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  • 菜鸟加速器官方

    Senior Advisor
  • 菜鸟加速器官方

    Chairman, Teneo International
  • Kelli O'Keefe

    Managing Director
  • Declan Kelly

    Chairman & CEO
  • Martha Carter

    Vice Chairman & Head of Governance Advisory
  • 菜鸟加速器官方

    COO, Asia-Pacific and Senior Managing Director
  • Robert Mead

    Vice Chairman
  • 菜鸟加速器官方

    Managing Director
  • Mary Dunphy

    Senior Managing Director
  • 菜鸟加速器官方

    CEO, Brussels, Strategy & Communications Advisory
  • 菜鸟加速器官方

    Principal, The Institute, Strategy & Communications Advisory UK
  • Lisa Friedman

    Managing Director
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Advisory focused on managing reputation and protecting and enhancing shareholder value.

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Advisory focused on strategic decision-making and business plan implementation, to help companies fully realize their business goals.

Capital Advisory

Leading global independent investment bank that provides innovative, unconflicted strategic advice.

Risk Advisory Services

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The breadth of our offering and our ability to provide bespoke and seamless advisory services, on either a standalone or integrated basis, makes us truly unique.
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